War Commander :Operation Shattered Alliance - مدونة فرفش

War Commander :Operation Shattered Alliance

WAR comander
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War Commander :Operation Shattered Alliance المسابقة الجديدة فى لعبة

War Commander :Operation Shattered Alliance
War Commander :Operation Shattered Alliance

new event start in September 5th and end in 11th same month with a lot good prize in this event from kixeye war commander the faction alliance continues to fall apart and all out war appears to be inevitable.

Malachi believes rubi to be the true from og the machine god,and the sentinels will stop at nothing to save deity

war commander event prize

in operation:shatters alliance,commander will be faced wit 3 game play tracks:the main tracks,a pvp attack track,and a pvp defense track .

what new in war commander 

for operation Shattered alliance,relocation will be disables at the beginning of the event. during the event .there will be 2 hit limt on base for event.relocation will be re enabled again on Sunday during event also, well be adding in more prizes.

new unit in war commander 

War commander ACE

  • faction :survivors.
  • type :high altitude 
  • weapon:c4
  • damage type:area
  • size:120
  • DPs:151,200
  • Max range:400
  • level 10 talent:spawn Max level breacher on death
  • level 20 talent:1+ clip size 

description:strapped to a jet engine and not much else,the ACE flies over the battle dropping explosives on target of opportunity.

War Commander Dylan 

  • faction:sentinels
  • type :air copter 
  • target:air&ground
  • weapon:machine gun&rockets
  • damage type:sustain&burst.
  • size:250

 War Commander :Operation Shattered Alliance pvp attack

pvp attack track is the first of two new additions to the monthly event.while playing the pvp attack track,player can earn event xp form a total of 5 any time,also commanders can restart the event to earn additional event xp from attacks.

event xp is rewarded with each successful base attack and it correlates to the amount of damage commanders.also commanders can earn event xp by attacking members of their own alliance who are aligned to different faction then them.additionally,commanders will retain the ability to change Faction alliance and jump between sectors.

 War Commander :Operation Shattered Alliance bonus base 

in war commander new event base 5,8,11 you will see new air in red feature there baron scouts.make sure to shoot them out of the sky before they can need to defeating the red baron scout in all there will unlock the bonus base 5,8,11.

War Commander :Operation Shattered new omega chopper company 

the sector goal base has returned if in this event with new upgrade omega chopper company you can now earn up to 20 omega parts in a single hit and also minimum prize is 2 parts omega chopper company sector goal base are limited time base that you need to be fast to get this base for omega parts to unlock new mega chopper company in war commander ,the base have 50min until it end once the sector goal base has been unlocked ,within the sector can launch attack on the base and upon victory will earn omega parts .

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